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Cameron Taylor serves internationally as a HOPE Youth Corps Global Service Intern

Cameron Taylor

One of the goals of HOPE worldwide Canada is to raise and train the next generation of volunteers who are passionate about serving, bringing hope and changing lives.

Cameron Taylor is one of the key volunteers from Halifax. He graduated recently from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax with a degree in Biology and will start medical studies this fall at Dalhousie University.

Nadine Templar, Director of International Volunteer Programs, HOPE worldwide, recently shared this about Cameron:

“I have received a lot of compliments on the "Go and Do Likewise!" 2017 Volunteer Corps quiet times series I post every day. The series was written by a small team of HOPE worldwide Global Service Interns, the talented campus students who are trained to lead HOPE Youth Corps. They are young, but amazing servant leaders.

The young man who led the team who wrote the quiet times is Cameron Taylor, from Canada. He has just graduated from Saint Mary's BSc Biology "summa cum laude", Governor General's Silver Medal and Biology Memorial Award. Next: medical school!

Oh, and going on two HYCs this year... He is the Global Service Intern (GSI) who led the Budapest, Hungary, HYC in July, and he and his whole family are coming on the Christmas Philippines HYC as well. Oh, and did I say Cameron is also a track star?

Cameron Taylor at HYC Budapest

He is such an overachiever, and yet, he is one of the most humble and kind young men I know.”

You can also make a difference through HOPE Youth Corp

The HOPE Youth Corp Global Service Internship (GSI) allows you to serve in different parts of the world and change lives. It's also lots of fun.

If you are interested in applying or for more information, please read this article:

Apply for HOPE worldwide's Global Service Internship

If you are interested in reviewing the devotional series this years’ GSI’s put together, please refer to: 30-Day Quiet Time Series from HOPE Volunteer Corps

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