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Edmonton Helps Out Crisis Nursery

On June 3rd the Edmonton chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada took time to serve at the Kids Kottage, a crisis nursery in Edmonton that provides emergency care for young children. We had two teams of volunteers. The first team spent 4 hours in the kitchen baking 6 different batches of cookies for the children to enjoy throughout the week. The second team used 4 hours to de-clutter and reorganize the Kottage’s donation storage garage. This is the space where every donation and overflow item from the main Kottage is stored and can become a dumping ground when donations are dropped off. The team was able to clear out all the unused items, re-shelf and categorize all items for stocking and retrieval. More then 22 bags of unneeded items were sent to other donation facilities in the city. Over 20 boxes of clothes and other items were broken down and reorganized. We were able to give them a functioning space again which Glo Wilson, the coordinator of program supports, said was unbelievable. This is an email message we received from Glo the following week:

Good Morning Mindy,

Thank you so much for yesterday.

I have been out to the garage twice this morning just to look of the beautiful job you and your Team did in a short time. Please tell Jason and his Team how much the children and staff enjoyed some cookies after supper and for many more days to follow.

Thank you 0..

Glo Wilson

Serving the Kids Kottage is always a pleasure for our chapter as we love to support this organization and the work they are doing for the children and families who need support in the Edmonton area.

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