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How YOU Can Make a Difference This Christmas Season

Our Vancouver and Winnipeg chapters are participating in an exciting Christmas program again this year – Homeless Christmas Wish List. In these 2 cities, HOPE volunteers have gone out to various shelters and collectively interviewed people experiencing poverty and homelessness in conjunction with Homeless Partners and the Homeless Christmas Wish List.

Winnipeg volunteers at Siloam Mission

How the Program Works

Volunteers interview people who are dependent on homeless shelters. Then more volunteers post these stories on the Homeless Partners website. Donors then go online, choose a person and a gift that person is requesting. They then go buy the gift and deliver it to the shelter wrapped and the shelter staff ensures it gets to the right person. Homeless Partners is unique because it focuses on the personal stories of the homeless, so empathy can be encouraged in our society to change the negative perspectives associated with homelessness.

Kimberlee Potter, Winnipeg original program director says of the program, ““I love everything about this program. Not only were the volunteers’ hearts moved by engaging with homeless individuals in the interviews, but those being interviewed really seem to appreciate the opportunity to tell their story. This program isn’t just about collecting donations; it’s about understanding a little more what our fellow citizens are going through and letting them know we care with a personal gift.”

Vancouver team of interview volunteers

How You Can Help

This Christmas season, visit to pledge a gift. Click on Read Stories and then click on your City (or one nearest you), click on a Shelter Name, read the stories and pledge a gift.

Our goal is that every person whom we’ve interviewed receives at least one gift on Christmas morning.

For more information on this program, contact Krista Wiebe (Winnipeg), Glen Sullivan (Vancouver) or visit

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