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"I Was Hungry" - the Impact of Serving

Volunteers from the Halifax Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada had the opportunity to once again serve at the local Sunday Suppers Program, which they have been doing consistently for almost 20 years. This program provides a warm meal and a friendly smile for members of our community who may be experiencing homelessness, or other challenges in their lives. Sadly, the impact of the global pandemic has increased the weekly need for meals almost 40% than in pre-COVID times, but once again, our volunteers rose to and met this challenge!

As we strive to personalize our community service, we had earlier asked some of the recipients of service what this meant to them. You can read some of their comments from the Sunday Suppers Program 2020 here:

Every Engagement Transformative

One of our goals in serving is to make “every engagement transformative”, which means that by serving our neighbours with the kind of service that transforms their lives; in doing so, our volunteers will themselves have their hearts and convictions transformed to be more like Jesus. Please see some of the feedback we recently received from our volunteers:

What do you like most about volunteering with the Sunday Suppers?

  • “What we like most about serving in the Sunday Supper program is that it gives us an opportunity to participate in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable and needy people in our city.”

  • “It is not a question of what we like about volunteering with the Sunday Supper but rather a sense of feeling we need to become more involved in the community.”

  • “Just the opportunity to do something for the disadvantaged and to be participating with the other Followers of Jesus”

  • “I like the volunteering because I honestly can’t imagine not going days without food and seeing the struggle that many go through in not being able to afford food or housing, I want to do what I can to help.”

How has volunteering with the Sunday Suppers had an impact on your heart?

  • “Serving in Sunday supper has helped us really connect with the heart of Jesus and his ministry which was so devoted to meeting the needs of the poor and marginalized. It has helped us to expand our vision to be looking for other situations where there may be needs and being prepared to meet those needs. (Such as carrying cash to give to those on street corners, praying to see, identify and meet other needs out there and around us) Serving the needy has helped us to be more grateful for what we have and for the ability to give. We are so blessed!”

  • “Based on recent sermons on imitating the compassion of Jesus and considering others before ourselves, we have been convicted that we need to do more to serve others. We are still figuring out how this will manifest itself in our lives and the Sunday Supper seemed a good starting point.”

  • “Serving others draws us back to thinking like Jesus did: Being constantly loving, serving and meeting the needs of others. Also the reminder that God has been so kind and generous to us all.”

  • “It’s really fulfilling and warms my heart to know I’m helping in my own small way.”

We could not do what we do without all the support from our volunteers, so once again, THANK YOU!

For more information about the programs of HOPE worldwide Canada and how to support us, please visit our website at:

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