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Philippines Update: Needed Psychosocial Training Provided in Tacloban

This week HOPE worldwide Philippines provided psychosocial support training for 90 camp managers and daycare workers located in Tacloban. Those in attendance mentioned their gratitude for HOPE worldwide and the sensitivity our organization has for the needs of the care providers on Tacloban's front lines.

All of those attending the training had been on duty in different evacuation centres and communities away from their own families when Typhoon Haiyan made landfall last November 2013. They witnessed the drowning of many evacuees in the Astrodome and nearby communities as storm surges hit where they were located. Some of those receiving training this week are actually still homeless themselves as they cannot rebuild their own houses. It is amazing that despite their own difficulties they still choose to serve the people of the city that still needs so much relief from the disaster.

HOPE worldwide of Canada is proud to be able to support this program and to hear of the impact the donations of Canadians are making on those in need in Tacloban, so many months after Typhoon Haiyan hit.

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