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Toronto volunteers bring joy to the homeless on their national day of service

Some of the volunteers from the Toronto chapter who came to bring joy, and gifts, to the homeless.

It's never too late. Although our National Day of Service was officially in June, the Toronto Central chapter held their event last Saturday, July 14. It was a huge success.

The dedicated volunteers in Toronto went out and touched the poor and homeless in downtown Toronto in a very special way. They started preparing sandwiches and packing personal hygiene items like toothpaste and soap early in the morning.

Its never too early to show kindness and help.

The personal care hygiene packages and sandwiches and water were given to the poor and homeless in Moss Park, downtown Toronto, and surrounding areas. This area has a high concentration of homeless people who spend the day in the park from nearby shelters.

People with mental health challenges, addiction issues, the homeless and people living in extreme poverty at times cannot afford to buy basic hygiene items that most Canadians take for granted.

Our volunteers not only handed out the items, they engaged in meaningful conversations with the poor and the homeless. It was not just a "give and go" program. The volunteers felt the need to engage the poor, share their love, and touch their hearts.

Ekua Kariuki, one of the volunteers, commented; “Things like deodorant, proper toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion and shampoo that the rest of us take for granted are considered luxury items for people living on the streets or in extreme poverty.”

The homeless in Moss Park and surrounding neighborhood who received the packages expressed gratitude to the volunteers for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

The National Day of Service is held once a year as a day set aside to raise awareness for the poor and give back to the community in a special way.


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