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Serve Toronto on July 14th: National Day of Service for Toronto Chapter

Saturday July 14 has been earmarked as the National Day of Service by HOPE worldwide Canada for the Toronto Central chapter. Every year volunteers across Canada help the poor and those in need within their communities during the National Day of Service.

The Toronto chapter is encouraging our volunteers to reach out to their community and explore various ways in which they can go and serve.

Here are a few suggestions for your group:

1. Going to serve and help out in any charity serving the poor of homeless. EG. Good Shepherd, Evangel Hall, Young Street Mission, Haven Toronto, Covenant House Toronto and many other community Centres 2. Visit a seniors home and provide a fun filled, uplifting program - singing, reading, talking and serving them. 3. Taking Sandwiches and drink packs to homeless and street persons at Moss Park on Queen Street downtown. 4. Be creative, think of your own ideas to do some volunteer work in Toronto on this day and make a difference.

Let’s make the day special for those living in extreme poverty in our great city of Toronto.


Some volunteers from Toronto will visit Moss Park in Toronto to hand out toiletries and drinks and water to the homeless in the park and surrounding areas.

If you would like to participate and join this group, here are the details;

  • Meet at The Moss Park Armoury at 130 Queen St. E (Jarvis and Queen St.)

  • Time: 11 am on Saturday, July 14.

Please bring a clear plastic bag filled with toiletries such as travel size soaps, deodorant, toothpaste etc. along with a box of juice or bottle of water.

Let’s make the day special for those living in extreme poverty in our great city of Toronto.

Contact: For further information please contact the chapter director Phil Osagie at (416) 729 6945 or email

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