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Toronto Volunteers Sing and Encourage at Wexford Seniors Home

Our Toronto volunteers who spent their

National Day of Service at Wexford Seniors Home

June 4 was our annual National Day of Service. The theme for this year was "Helping The Elderly."

Seven volunteers from the Toronto Central chapter went to the Wexford Seniors home in Scarborough to provide an an afternoon of singing and entertainment to the residents . Over 35 seniors assembled in the entertainment Room for an hour of great singing, mingling and encouragement.

The singing was led by Dr Dave Ivey who performed and danced to the delight of the residents. After the singing, there was a time of refreshment and bonding with the seniors, most of whom were also physically challenged.

The response was highly enthusiastic and the Coordinator of the Home said it was a wonderful experience and appealed for more frequent visits.

Let us continue helping and supporting our seniors in any way we can throughout the year.

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