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About Our Chapter

The volunteers of the Vancouver Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada has been involved in helping the people of the Lower Mainland for many years with a concentrated and persevering focus on three areas of need: the students, staff and families of Sir William Macdonald School in East Vancouver, those who live on the streets and are reliant on shelters throughout the lower mainland, and the patients of B.C. Children’s Hospital and their families, especially around major holidays.

Our volunteers are diverse and thus representative of the makeup of this cosmopolitan city and have given their time to help in a variety of ways, such as serving family dinners at B.C Children's Hospital and providing support for the teachers at MacDonald School.

HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers standing for a group photo
HOPE in Action participants smiling with Bicycles behind them

Ongoing Programs

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Vancouver_greater vancouver food bank.jpg.png

Food security is everyone's responsibility. Greater Vancouver, HOPE worldwide Canada has created a closed system where recycled containers become a source of new revenue for the Greater Vancouver Food Banks through our partnership with Return-It Depots.


It's simple:

- put your recyclables in a clear bag

- go to a Return-It Depot and enter the Food Bank number at the kiosk

- print off labels and walk away! 


Return-It staff do all the sorting and 100% of the revenue recycled bottles goes directly to the Foodbank. Every dollar that comes from recycled bottles is worth three dollars at the Foodbanks to buy fresh local produce for hungry customers; so the impact is tripled!

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Holly Kennedy-Symonds

Holly Kennedy-Symonds

Vancouver Chapter Director

Holly has been active as a volunteer since the inception of HOPE worldwide Canada and as a Healthcare professional for over 40 years. Her interest in volunteering came from a career of service and care. She attended HOPE Volunteer Corps to Nepal in the summer of 2019, where she provided health education and screening. Currently, Holly is Vancouver's Chapter Director, where she leads a team of spiritual, creative and enthusiastic volunteers to mobilize community events such as food security, seniors care, children aging out of foster care and inner city and the homeless. She also helped other non-profit groups working in the space of prevention & rehab for human trafficking.

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