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Ivory Coast


With the financial assistance of HOPE worldwide Canada, the HOPE Centre, Le Royaume des Enfants, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast opened its doors in 2013.

The HOPE Le Royaume des Enfants Centre provides essential services to vulnerable children and their families affected by war and the effects of HIV\AIDS. These include orphans, children in poor, single-parent families or those children who have been abandoned. Various programs have been developed to meet the essential needs of these vulnerable children in a safe, stimulating environment that have a permanent and positive impact on their lives.

In addition to providing educational programs to pre-school and school-aged children, The HOPE Centre in Abidjan offers the following services:

 - Providing food and other daily essentials to the children
- Providing books, uniforms and school supplies
- Guidance and psychological support for children affected by the recent war and by the
    scourge of HIV\AIDS
- Medical supplies and health services for individuals in need, affected by HIV\AIDS


Each year, our Montreal Chapter fundraises in order to ensure the sustainability of the school. Thus far, these donations have supported the purchase of furniture, a minibus, the installation of a canteen and a fully equipped library. The school now has 200 children currently at nursery and primary levels.

HOPE worldwide Ivory Coast is an affiliate of HOPE worldwide Africa. To visit their website, click here.

Nathan's Story

Nathan Konan is 5 years old and is in kindergarten.


When he arrived at Le Royaume des Enfants at the start of the school year, he was an antisocial child, who did not speak. In fact, his mother says he never spoke a word and was declared to have motor skills delay. And despite his age, several schools had refused him.


Today, thanks to the follow-up of our special education teacher at the Le Royaume des Enfants school, Nathan Konan is able to say a few words including "mom", bringing much joy to his mother.


His mother writes, “Thanks to the kingdom of children which accepts children regardless of their disability, my son and I have rediscovered the joy of living. Thanks to HOPE worldwide Côte d'Ivoire and HOPE worldwide Canada for this wonderful program."


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