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Celebrating the accomplishment of one HOPE worldwide Canada volunteer

The many volunteers that come alongside HOPE worldwide Canada as we serve our communities mean the world to us! Today, we wanted to celebrate one of those volunteers. Qendresa Sahiti serves as one of the volunteers for a community drop in Foot Clinic with our Halifax Chapter. She has been a friend of HOPE worldwide Canada for many years and has worked alongside us using her medical expertise to contribute to community development, providing essential foot care and foot educations to the guests of the Foot Clinic and now, we rejoice with her as she has just received the 2022 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) Award!

Qendresa Sahiti had this to say about this acknowledgement of her service:

“I am inspired and motivated by their contributions and look forward to the unique opportunities for connection and mentorship presented by this award. I am so grateful and humbled to be recognized for my work and hope to use this award not as a trophy, but as a source of motivation to continue the work of using our privilege to lift others up.”

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