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Making Spirits Bright

We were able to partner with 2 teachers of 2 special needs classrooms at Aldergrove School. The teachers identified 8 families that would benefit from a hamper. Our volunteers purchased groceries, small gifts and household items, assembled them and delivered them to the school the week of Dec. 6-10. The school then distributed them to the designated families. The families were very grateful commenting, Wow! Thank you so much!" and a few even commented on how full of amazing things they were!

We were also able to provide 19 stockings and gifts to the children of these two classes.

The teachers gave us a list of what the children liked and our volunteers were able to purchase those gifts as well as fill their stockings with small toys and treats. On the day of the party we ordered a Christmas meal for the children and 4 staff members.

The teachers were very grateful commenting; “Today was my absolute favourite day of the school year. We were able to allow our students to experience the magic of Christmas. Each student had a special stocking, gift, and Christmas feast!” We were able to allow our students to experience the magic of Christmas. This year, though, felt even more special than the last. It’s been a really hard year for so many of us, but what these students and their families have experienced is more than we will ever even come close to understanding. To sit together, next to the Christmas tree, and truly just enjoy the togetherness, the connection we all have with each other, was the magic. Hearing the laughter, love, and pure joy from all of our students is what it is all about.

Thank you so much to HOPE for fundraising and helping these special moments come to life that my students (and I) will remember forever. "Today was so amazing! Thanks so much to you and your team for making such a magical day come to life for my students!" Teacher

And some of the children’s comments:

"This is the best day ever!"

"This is my first Christmas present!"



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