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Montreal Christmas Wishlist

The goal of this initiative is very simple:

Encourage people who needs it during the Christmas season with a personalized gift.

3 steps:

1. Choose the person you want to encourage and pick the gift you commit to buying, below

2. Buy the gift you picked

3. Deliver the gift with a card before December 19, 2019

Deliveries are accepted Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from noon to 6pm at Welcome Hall Mission – 4755 Rue Acorn, Porte A, Montréal H4C 3L6

For any inquiry:

Many thanks!


Since 1892, Welcome Hall Mission has been at work in Montreal as a non-profit organization, offering support to the homeless, underprivileged families, new immigrants and youth who are in need. This organization provides housing services and various programs to help with addiction, social reintegration, and food insecurity. It also offers an environment where there is always someone available to talk to, as well as many educational and stimulating activities.


In 2015, The Mission launched a new program, Micro-entreprise, which is designed to help vulnerable individuals who are in the process of social and professional reintegration. This pilot project has led the way for the creation of many other very successful initiatives, resulting in structured organizations that help participants discover their full potential and give them a chance to succeed. Today, these individuals are at the heart of several micro-enterprises, creating new small businesses such as a custom fitting service, an on-the-fly food preparation business and an event planning initiative.

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