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In Your Community

In Your Community

HOPE worldwide Canada has thirteen chapters across the country. From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, we create various programs and events that encourage community members of all ages to volunteer. Our goal is that every volunteer is engaged and every engagement is transformative.


Some of our events and programs include community clean-ups, meals for those experiencing homelessness, French and English speaking classes for newcomers and programs supporting children in foster care. We also organize various fundraising events to provide disaster relief and support to international communities in need. 


For more information on how to get involved with a local Chapter near you to meet needs with your local community or abroad, please click the link below.

Around the World

Arond the World

HOPE worldwide Canada is just one member of the HOPE worldwide family. We work with other Global Affiliates of HOPE worldwide to create, fund and support various programs that aid those who are suffering from abuse, poverty, natural disasters or crisis.

Through our global partnerships we have been able as a charity to provide mental health support to children who have experienced war in Ukraine; fund rebuilding efforts in the Philippines and Nepal after natural disasters; educate children affected by HIV/Aids in Haiti and the Ivory Coast.

For more information on how our global affiliates are doing, you can find the list of affiliates below.

And for more information on how YOU can get involved on a global scale, see the link below.

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