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HOPE in Action 2022 was incredible. Our Chapters across Canada got active to raise money to support HOPE worldwide Canada’s local and international programs. In our Halifax Chapter, Mackenzie Cook, who is studying to be a healthcare provider, spoke about what HOPE in Action means to her and to the community she serves.

As a medical student, Mackenzie wanted to find a way to give to her community with her expertise before completing her medical program.

“I wanted to find ways to contribute to health and wellness before I reach that point”

She volunteers with HOPE worldwide Canada and the Foot Care Clinic in Halifax. She recalls her time volunteering with the foot care clinic and how it inspired her. For many people, walking is the primary means of transportation. This is especially true in underserved communities because not every person has the same level of access to health care. This can be challenging for people in need of foot care and that is what the foot care clinic and HOPE worldwide Canada provide.

Mackenzie shared how in 2020, due to the pandemic, the clinic was not able to provide direct foot care for those in need but because of the fundraising efforts of HOPE worldwide Canada, foot care kits were able to be distributed to people during that time.

“It was incredible, the uptake in the response that we saw. From the pleasant surprise on the faces of those we were handing out the kits to, to more full-blown conversations and hearing about people’s experiences with foot injuries and foot problems and how these kits could impact and improve their lives or even seeing people arriving on foot and seeing that their feet might be their primary or only forms of transportation.”

For HOPE in Action 2022, the Halifax Chapter went on a 5km Seaside Stroll to raise money that will support this Foot Clinic and in turn give people the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives and provide for the medical needs of those in need of foot care.

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