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Volunteer Opportunities

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When you register, please join the team Calgary Chapter to raise funds for HOPE in Action on June 18th, 2022.  Then share your belief in our cause with your friends on Social Media and email.  NOTE: Do not create your own team. Together with a few good people like you, we can make great things happen for the cause we believe in.

About Our Chapter

Our Calgary chapter is made up of a diverse group of volunteers from all over Canada and we are looking to provide a variety of services throughout Calgary! Some of the programs we focus on include community clean-ups, fundraisers to serve at the centres of HOPE worldwide Philippines, supporting Calgary’s food bank in their mission to fight hunger, and bringing hope to people in hospitals or away from their families during special holidays, such as Christmas.


Our Fundraising will help support these programs and as we grow our chapter we will expand our services to other programs throughout Calgary and HOPE Centers around the world. Come volunteer with us!

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Ongoing Programs

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Jimmy Taing

Calgary Chapter Director


Jimmy Taing is the Calgary Chapter Director for HOPE worldwide Canada. He immigrated to Calgary when he was nine. Jimmy has lived there since, and loves this place he now calls home. He volunteers because he wants to help the less fortunate in the city of Calgary and globally. Jimmy truly believes that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and love. He is currently working as a math teacher and loves to go travelling with his wife, Pamela. Jimmy’s hobbies are playing sports, hiking, biking, and listening to people’s stories.