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Hamilton Chapter

About Our Chapter

The Hamilton Chapter is home to a group of wonderful volunteers committed to finding opportunities in their community to make a difference. Whether it be making milk bag mats, holding supply drives or hosting breakfasts for those in need, the Hamilton Chapter is always on the lookout for ways to meet needs.


Volunteer Opportunities

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Chris Ludlow

Hamilton Chapter Director

Chris Ludlow is the Hamilton Chapter Director for HOPE worldwide Canada. His first experience serving with HOPE was through a neighbourhood cleanup and restoration as a college student, a memory that he still holds dear today. He has also volunteered on various programs through HOPE Youth Corps in Alaska where he participated in the construction and renewal of different shelters and spaces for children. Today, Chris engages in his own community in Hamilton by finding new ways to connect with his neighbors in need. In his free time, Chris plays the saxophone, enjoys golf, and works as a Water Technician, a skill he hopes to one day use in disaster relief efforts.

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