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Since 2013, HOPE worldwide Canada has been partnering with HOPE worldwide Philippines in order to meet needs of children and families in difficult life circumstances.


In December of 2013, HOPE worldwide Philippines established 5 Centers of HOPE in Tacloban, Tolosa, Tanauan, Bohol and Iloilo. These centers serve 10,000 children through creative activities, emergency supplies, essential nutrition, medical aid, advocacy and protection as well as specialized support to those with special needs.


Donations given through HOPE worldwide Canada are used to support these children in especially difficult circumstances to re-establish their lives by providing the tools they need to begin school again. School provides protection from harm in vulnerable situations and gives them a sense of normalcy. Canadian donations are also funding the case management for orphans and vulnerable children in these centers.

To visit the HOPE worldwide Philippines website, click here.

Contact: John Abet

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