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For over 25 years, HOPE worldwide Canada and HOPE worldwide Russia have worked closely together to change the lives of those in need in Russia. HOPE worldwide Canada annually provides funding to operate the Moscow Seniors Center, as well as various volunteer programs that get volunteers engaged in meeting needs of the elderly.

Contact: Clovis Grant

Hope at the Senior's Center

"My name is Pelageya Egorovna and I am already 90 years old.


As I remember in 1998 I’ve got a call from my neighbor whose name is Eduard. He told me about the HOPE Seniors’ Center and the Old Friends’ Home program. Because I live alone I have decided to come and to see what is all about. It was something amazing what I have seen. Many Seniors and young people were having such a friendly fellowship and had meals together. I had very serious health problems, one of my eyes could not see any longer, another eye was functioning
weakly. Because of this I could not go far from my home, but the HOPE Center was very close to the place I live and it was my chance to come visit this great place and meet with new friends. What was also amazing is that the HOPE staff and volunteers were visiting me every time I could not go to the Old Friends’ Home, they were bringing me food and encouraging me a lot. That was giving me a desire not giving up and continue to live with a thought that HOPE friends are waiting for me. I could not say how lucky I am during these almost 20 years having such a full life no matter of all my weaknesses. Every time when I meet all those volunteers and HOPE employees who have changed my life for good I continue to say them all: “everything you’ve done is noble and you have become my true family”.


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