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Max Out Summer! Camp and Family Fun Days leave kids in Winnipeg Foster Care Wanting More

This summer, the Winnipeg Chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada hosted a variety of events for kids who are wards of Child & Family Service Agencies, the highlights being our Max Out Summer! Online Camp and the Family Fun Days.

Max Out Summer! Online Camp

For the last two weeks of July, we hosted our Max Out Summer! Online Camp for children in foster care. The camp was split into two weeks, one week for youth in grades 6-7, and the other for kids in grades 3-5. There was a large assortment of activities that kept the kids engaged, such as crafts, games, exercise, and much more.

Aside from being able to have fun and connect, the kids also had the opportunity to connect with their counsellors who were teens and campus students that volunteered their time from all across Canada, hailing from Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Edmonton to name a few. Any reservations the kids may have had about opening up to their counsellors was gone by the final day, with one kid so eager to remember her counsellors that she wrote all their names on her camp T-shirt and showed up on her siblings' camera several times during their week of camp. To put it simply, the camp was a major hit.

Family Fun Days

Alongside the Max Out Summer! Online Camp events called Family Fun Days were planned throughout the summer, setting the kids out on excursions to several fun places such as Assiniboine Park Zoo, Thunder Rapids and Tinkertown. These events had kids and their families getting outside, getting active, and most importantly having fun at several fun places throughout Winnipeg.

The turnout for these events was great, and the families (especially the kids) had a great time at every place that was attended.

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