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Christmas 2020 in Edmonton

On December 15th, the Edmonton Chapter delivered a giant card and treats to the Seniors at Rosslyn Place Lodge. They were able to wish them a Merry Christmas and share memories from past years when volunteers had previously gone and done caroling for the residents. Recreational Coordinator Teri Kennedy-Flynn was very grateful and said she loved the gifts. She also expressed that they were excited to hand out the treats to the residents.

On December 19th Edmonton volunteers had the opportunity to deliver 8 Holiday Hampers that had been prepared by various volunteer groups throughout the week. The hampers provide for 8 families that consisted of 15 adults and 30 children.

Each December the Edmonton chapters teams up with JCI and their Holiday Hamper program to supply food and gift hampers to almost a 1000 families in the Edmonton area that would otherwise go without. After registering each hamper, JCI then provides a turkey, fresh vegetables, from Kuhlmann’s Greenhouse Garden Market, and a roasting pan to be delivered along with the hamper. It is so encouraging to see so many people give of their time and resources to provide for others and bring a little Christmas cheer into the homes of the less fortunate. One of our volunteers shared a response they got from a family.

“Thank you so much. I was not expecting this much food! Lots of our favourites in here. Really appreciate this. I have never had so much given to me before, this really hits me in the heart. Thanks again.”

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing and feeling the impact of giving to others. Both of these events have blessed us with the privilege of giving. Merry Christmas!


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