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HOPE worldwide of Canada and Haiti in 2013


After the terrible earthquake in January 2010, millions of Haitians were left homeless. Like many non-profitable organizations around the world, HOPEworldwide of Canada raised money to help build a village in Croix-des-Bouquets. Today, about 150 people and their family enjoy a new home at the HOPE Village. I had the privilege to visit the Village at the beginning of this year. It is clear that the funds donated by many Canadians and sent over to Haiti by HOPE worldwide of Canada did a lot of good.

To ensure the safety of residents, the Village is gated and secured. No animals are allowed on the site.

The property is very clean and each owner is responsible for the maintenance of his lot. A Committee, which was trained by the HOPE worldwide Country Director in Haiti, Anaël Hyppolite, manages the administration and development of the Village making sure rules and regulations are in place to help everyone live in harmony.


Great effort was made so all infrastructures is as ecological as possible. HOPE worldwide of Canada contributed directly to this green effort by providing for the delivery and installation of solar panels which store power in batteries; and generators which supply houses with lighting, feed charging stations for computers, cellular phones as well as street lighting.

HOPE worldwide of Canada funded a vocational training program to help employ people in construction, cleaning and alternative energy trades. These same people were employed during the construction of the Village and their newly acquired expertise was used for the installation of the solar panels.


Another large building located on the premises is used for spiritual gatherings, children activities, special functions and also provides storage space for HOPE worldwide.


HOPE worldwide in Haiti’s projects support elderly people, children of the C.A.T. Orphanage in Ganthier, a free weekly mobile medical clinic and the construction of an elementary school in Bodarie. Unfortunately, HOPE worldwide in Haiti suffered serious financial cut backs and has let many staff members go.

HOPE worldwide of Canada is working hand in hand with HOPE worldwide in Haiti to find a way to support and maintain these projects.

I have seen with my own eyes so much misery in Haiti. I have also witnessed the desire of Haitians to one day offer their children a better future. You can help rebuild hope and change lives in Haiti by making a donation on the HOPE worldwide of Canada web site. Thank you for caring.

Anne Du Sault

Director, Quebec Chapter


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