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Immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine

HWWC Bluenose 2016_Jenn Anyegah & Meghan Naugle

HOPEworldwide Halifax Chapter raises almost $ 19,000 for HOPE India and Halifax Projects

Back in May of 2015 volunteers from our Halifax Chapter, inspired and impacted by the time some of them had spent serving in India, decided to run in the Bluenose weekend with a goal of, "10km for $10k" They had never organized a fundraiser together and many had never run, walked or jogged 10km and that year, their efforts were blessed by raising $10.5k.

The specific projects that we were fundraising for in India were the Tigri School in Delhi, which provides educations, life skills and a nutritious mid-day meal to children living in the largest slum in South East Asia; the Asharan Orphanage, also in Delhi which provides custody, protection, education and rehabilitation to children who are under their care; and the Gowahati School, which is a newer project that HOPE India has started to meet needs in that community.

Sue Tregunno & Greg Taylor

So in May of 2016 our team of 10 decided to run and fundraise again to again raise funds for HOPE India Projects as well as a portion for local HOPE benevolent efforts in Halifax. With our many supporters, great volunteers and very generous donors (THANK YOU) the HOPE worldwide of Halifax team finished 3rd place in overall fundraising for the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon Charity Challenge. At the end of the summer, members of our team were on hand at a special luncheon to honour all the prize winners, to receive the award, which included an award cheque from the Bluenose sponsor - Scotiabank. Including the award cheque, our team raised just short of $19,000 Canadian. Thank you "to him who is able to do more than all we can ask or imagine"

“What I learned from running - what I kept thinking as I was running, was that the physical exertion I was feeling (especially toward the end) is nothing compared to the physical and psychological exertion those living in poverty feel every day of their lives. It is one way of 'sharing' that pain, albeit short. Also, seeing the photos and hearing about my friends HOPE trip to India made the fundraising more personal, and gave me confidence that I could ensure my donors that the money was going to be used wisely.” - Jennifer Anyegah, HOPE worldwide of Halifax runner & fundraiser

"The Tigri School has grown to over 330 students from about 150 in the past two years, and is able to offer many underprivileged children who live in some of the most challenging situations in our world, the opportunity to get a basic education, learn important life skills, provide a nutritious mid-day meal and a happy, safe environment which greatly enhances their development. We are grateful for the support of man partners, like HOPE worldwide of Canada which makes these dreams and goals a reality."

Sober Satheesh (Shibu) | Program Director | HOPE worldwide India


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