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Mama Stanley Supports Edmonton's HOPE in Action Fundraiser

(Left to right, Kathryn Taylor, Mama Stanley, Joanne de Ruiter)

On Thursday, June 20th Kathryn Taylor, director of our Edmonton chapter was out with fellow volunteer, Joanne de Ruiter at a shopping center across from her home. While there, de Ruiter spotted a familiar face across the street. She instantly recognized the person as Edmonton Oiler fan, Mary Loewen, more commonly known as "Mama Stanley".

Mama Stanley is known for wearing silver from head to toe when she attends the Moss Pit, the watch party area outside of Rogers Place. She wears a silver tinsel wig, a sequined blazer, a dress, silver gloves, and glasses, and even covers her face in silver makeup. On top of her head, she wears a bowl covered in 3,500 sequins, meant to represent the bowl of the famous Stanley Cup.

Taylor and de Ruiter made their way over and approached Mama Stanley. They chatted for about half an hour, while 20 people approached them, asking Mama Stanley for a photo. Taylor then asked Loewen if she'd be willing to attend their HOPE in Action fundraiser happening on June 22nd. Loewen was more than happy to attend.

(Kathryn Taylor and Mama Stanley at Edmonton's HOPE in Action Fundraiser)

On the day of the fundraiser, Loewen attended as promised, along with her daughter and son-in-law. Canadian press were also at the fundraiser to interview both Mama Stanley and Taylor about their interaction. Mama Stanley took many photos with excited fans and had a wonderful time at the fundraiser and BBQ, telling Taylor that she was glad she came. The fundraiser was a huge success, leaving both Mama Stanley and the Edmonton chapter of HOPE worldwide Canada feeling encouraged.

Here's a link to an interview with Mama Stanley at the HOPE in Action Fundraiser!


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