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Throwback - McNabb Arena Respite, Shower Program in Ottawa

Summer is gone. However, there are many great stories that are timeless and worth repeating. In this article, we look back at an event held by our volunteer in Ottawa.

During the summer our chapter in Ottawa participated in the Centretown Community Health Centre and the McNabb Arena Respite - Shower program with great success. This is the only program in Ottawaʼs business core helping the homeless meet basic hygiene needs.

In a short period of time the volunteers, with the participation of the Ottawa Church of Christ and other donors were able to collect about 20 full bags of gently used clothing and approx. 100 pairs of socks and 50 pairs of underwear. Staff at McNabb were overjoyed to accept their donations, as the were running out of supplies. Their efforts are to be commended.

The donors eagerly duplicated their support in July when McNabb reached out to the Ottawa chapter to fullfil their needs.

Volunteers in Ottawa packing supplies

We are proud of the partnerships that we have built with local community organisations and sponsors, and our dedicated volunteers across Canada.


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