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Preparing Back packs for Ottawa Inner City homeless youth

Teen volunteers from the Ottawa chapter

Seven young volunteers from the Ottawa chapter prepared backpacks for homeless teenagers. They included Sarah Lutes, Miriam Lutes, Owen Lutes, Taylor Stephenson, Ben Stephenson, Brittany Morrison and Khadidja Camara.

Here is their story;

As a teen activity last December, we were asked to assemble survival backpacks for homeless teens in Ottawa. These backpacks would be full of useful items that would help the youth to survive this winter. We got together and made a list of the required items for the backpacks, things like warm sleeping bags, socks, hats, and personal hygiene items, among other things.

The next week we went shopping. It was a lot of fun, running around, trying to find all the items on our list, comparing different sleeping bags, and finally trying to stuff everything into the backpacks. We had lots of fun putting these backpacks together and we hope they help someone who needs them. Thanks to everyone for helping us: those who suggested the task, those who donated clothing, and those who guided us along the way!

Thanks to Mr. Stephenson who inspired us with his lesson on giving with a grateful heart.

Ottawa Youth volunteers


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