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Another Great Jeans, Socks and Food Drive In Toronto

This year's annual Jeans, Socks and Food drive held with the Toronto Church was as exciting and successful as ever. Most of the members of the congregation came to really give. All the donation tables were packed.

About 200 pairs of socks were collected in less than 30 minutes. By the end of the day, over 1000 clothing items and an overfilled giant Food Harvest box were collected for homeless men and women in the city of Toronto. The Toronto Centre for the Arts was full of energy, as the giving kept pouring in and the enthusiasm kept rising.

The HOPE worldwide Canada volunteers and coordinators worked tirelessly to have all the items well sorted out and ready to go.

Marie Johnson and Judith Ludlow really stood out. Though they are both grand mothers, they had the energy level of teenagers, and worked without holding back.

This year's collection exceeded expectations, with more than 200 jeans collected, 1000 socks and just over 500 pounds of food.

Thank you to everyone who brought clothes or food for the poor and homeless in Toronto.


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