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Toronto Church Campus Ministry Distribute “Blessing Bags” to the Homeless

And all set for the Winter Coats & Gloves Drive on December 15 by Hope worldwide

The Campus Ministry of the Toronto Church has taken a big step in helping the homeless get out of the cold this winter.

In a two week program, over 50 campus students went to various parts of the city and handed out “blessing bags” to the homeless. The blessing bags contained gloves, socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, blankets, hats, and feminine hygiene products. The response to the gesture was overwhelming and reflected the huge need.

The Campus Coordinator of the program, Thor Belarde restated their commitment to continue serving the community. “As our city gets colder and colder, the need for God’s warm presence becomes greater and greater. We are just trying to do our own part as the Toronto Campus Ministry, just as we have all been called to.”

The Campus group have also reserved some of these blessing bags for the Winter Coats, Gloves & Food Drive coming up on Sunday December 15 at the Meriden Arts Centre. It is an initiative and one of the signature activities of Hope worldwide Canada, Toronto Central Chapter.


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