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Volunteer Spotlight: Noah Kreider at the Toronto Ukrainian Parade

Noah just before the march. (PC - Grace Acheampong Photography)

Noah Kreider is a dedicated volunteer from our Toronto chapter. He recently marched in the Toronto Ukrainian Festival with about 30 other volunteers. We asked him to share his experience and these are his words;

"On Saturday, September 16th, 2017, I participated in the Toronto Ukrainian Festival Parade at Bloor West Village as part of the HOPE worldwide Canada team. We took part in the parade to advocate and raise awareness for the Helping Hand for Ukraine program. The psychologists, social workers and art therapists involved in the program in Ukraine provide therapy and rehabilitation to children and families affected by severe war trauma.

HOPE worldwide Canada marching in the parade. (PC - Grace Acheampong Photography)

The parade was an amazing chance to show the Ukrainian people in Canada a way to support the people and children of their country of origin who are dealing with intense trauma caused by the armed conflict. We had a great turnout of volunteers from HOPE Worldwide Canada. It was an exhilarating time passing out fliers and engaging the community on the amazing programs happening in Ukraine. There were many elderly people in the crowd who were touched by the love we showed and the work we are involved in.

I was inspired to want to continue to work with this program and to figure out a way to engage on a more personal level. We dream to send a team of young people (college, university and professionals) to go see first-hand the work that Helping Hand for Ukraine is engaged in. Please pray for the future of this program and the children that we can help! "‎

If you would like to learn more about the Helping Hand for Ukraine project and get involved, please send an email to Taras at Thank you for your support.


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