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Over the years, HOPE worldwide Canada has worked with our partner organizations throughout the Caribbean in several areas including:

  • Hurricane Disaster Relief

    • HOPE worldwide Canada has provided financial support in 2017 in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the largest hurricane on record in the Atlantic. We responded again with fundraising and financial support in September 2019 in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. This storm had the most devastating effects in the Bahamas, and our support enabled detailed assessments of Housing Damages in the Community, a Trauma Counseling Assessment Trip as well as Housing Rebuilds and Repair Grants.

  • School supplies for orphanages in Jamaica and facilitating the shipment of an ophthalmic camera to St. Jude Hospital in Saint Lucia.

  • In 2021 when the La Soufrière volcano erupted on the island nation of St. Vincent, HOPE worldwide Canada responded by providing funds for disaster Relief projects for the communities impacted this eruption.


HOPE worldwide Canada in Montreal has a long-time partnership with HOPE worldwide Haiti. One of the projects we support is run in collaboration with Haitian Support and keeps running in spite of COVID-19: it is the Haiti Student Sponsorship Program in Bodarie, a remote Southeast Mountain region of Haiti. Founded in 2005, the school provides a national curriculum-based education to its 179 students in grades K-9.


Your donation of $125CAD covers the annual cost of your student’s education, textbooks, and clean drinking water. In return, you’ll receive a photograph of your dedicated student.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please click the Donate button below and select Haiti Student Sponsorship Program. Thank you!

Contact: Anne Du Sault

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