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HOPE in Action Fundraiser Raises Over $52,000 for Outreach Across Canada

This past April 8th, 2021, we launched our HOPE in Action fundraising event designed to get people active in their community. Individuals and Chapters across Canada spent two months planning and fundraising in anticipation of Saturday, June 19th, the day when all participants took action by doing bike trails, walkathons, sports challenges, live streams and much more.

Between 213 individual fundraisers and 28 teams, all HOPE in Action participants were able to raise a total of $52,168, making this the largest fundraising effort in HOPE worldwide Canada history. This money will be used for outreach programs and volunteer opportunities across all HOPE worldwide Canada Chapters to help meet our communities needs.

Although the collective amount raised was $52,000, we had some individuals and groups raise more than others, and we wanted to recognize them with a prize. Our top fundraiser for the whole event was Holly Kennedy Symonds of the Vancouver Chapter, raising $1,690. Our top youth fundraiser was Alex Bayle of the Winnipeg chapter, raising $825. Finally, the Calgary chapter wins for being the chapter with the largest number of registered participants with 35 members. Because of their efforts, our top fundraisers will be receiving an additional $175 to put towards outreach programs in their local chapters.

To everyone who participated in HOPE in Action this year: thank you so much! Without you, we would not have been able to raise so much money for the less fortunate in our communities. Because of your donations and participation, more of the needs in all our communities across Canada will be able to be met. Once again, thank you, and we hope to see you again next year!


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