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Dreams Really DO Come True: Riya Rokka's Journey to Becoming a Nurse

Meet Riya Rokka.

She lives in Kathmandu, Nepal with her family. She is a graduate from the Asha Vidhyashram School (translates from Nepalese to "Hope for Education") operated by HOPE worldwide Nepal, and from the Nava Indra Dhanush English Boarding School. Riya is a stellar student, loves to learn, and always had the desire to become a nurse. But due to her father's illness, and hence inability to work, her family is unable to afford her tuition fees.

In 2019, HOPE worldwide Canada offered financial support by sponsoring Riya for her 3 years of Nursing Studies at the "Om Samaj Shaikshik Pratisthan" College in PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse) in Kathmandu.

Flash forward to the present, she has successfully passed her entrance exam for the nursing program, completed her years of studies, and is now an officially licensed nurse.

We at HOPE worldwide Canada are so proud of Riya and her wonderful achievement!

Thank you to all of your prayers and your donations that helped make Riya's dream a reality.

Check out the video below of her testimony:

To support many others just like Riya, consider making a donation today:


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