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Toronto hosts an inspiring networking luncheon for foreign trained professionals

Presenters with some of the participants at the HOPE worldwide Canada Professional Networking event

Many foreign trained professionals who are newcomers to Canada need help to network with the right people, get accurate information and help them to find meaningful employment or start a business in Canada.

HOPE worldwide Canada hosted a networking luncheon for these highly skilled newcomers at the Novotel Hotel in Toronto.

Dave Ivey, representing the Toronto Church chapter, opened the session by welcoming the guests and giving a summary of our mission and work. This highly professional event was organised by Phil Osagie, the chapter director, who was also the lively and engaging MC for the event.

Lorenzo Gutierrez

The first presentation was by Lorenzo Gutierrez, a highly acclaimed research scientist and director of Chipset, a global medical diagnostic firm based in Toronto. His presentation was based on his personal story. He grew up as a homeless street kid in Manila to achieve a Phd in bio-process engineering in Tokyo and is now a highly successful business executive and academic in Canada. In addition, he humbly gives his mentoring services to students, professionals, and new start-ups free of charge.

His message:

  • Trust God in everything and He will guide you.

  • Have integrity and consider others better, not less than you.

  • Keep your promise, word of honour, and always aim for perfection

Simmone Park

The highlight of the luncheon was a keynote presentation by Simmone Park, an award winning international speaker and consultant who advises Fortune 500 companies and has done many philanthropic projects across the world.

Her highly motivational message urged the participants;

  • To remain positive, always

  • Practice empathy towards others

  • Learn other languages

  • Start something, it's not easy, but it will be worth it

  • Ask for help and see the big picture

The attendees had an opportunity to network and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at the end of the session.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and the volunteers who helped us to make this possible, including Mark, Charlene and Marie.


For more information on future events in Toronto please contact the chapter director Phil Osagie at

You can see more pictures at our Facebook page here

Phil Osagie and Dave Ivey


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