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Thank you for bringing hope to Nepal

The HOPE worldwide Nepal Chhaimale Village Center and Factory is almost complete.

In 2015 a powerful earthquake struck Nepal, killing nearly 9,000 people and injuring 22,000 others across the nation. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal in over 80 years and was soon followed by a second 7.1 magnitude quake 21 days later.

The HOPE School in Kathmandu became a shelter for approximately 80 families in the immediate area who had lost their homes. Many countries and organisations across the world responded to this tragedy.

Three years after the earthquake devastated Nepal, many communities are still struggling to survive and restore their livelihood. Many people lost their families, and crops are still severely affected.

In the village of Chhaimale, 25 kilometres from Kathmandu, about 8,000 people live on the steep slopes, barely surviving in makeshift corrugated tin sheds. Roads to the village are very poor and the pledge of money to rebuild their homes has not been forthcoming. Farmers have to borrow money from loan agents to purchase seeds and cover household expenses but the cost of borrowing is putting the farmers further and further into debt.

Bringing HOPE to Nepal

After the earthquake, HOPE worldwide Nepal helped the village with material resources and started the construction of the “HOPE worldwide Nepal Chhaimale Village Center and Factory.” The aim was to help the community with long term, sustainable solutions to rise out of the poverty trap.

Construction work commenced shortly after breaking ground.

We are pleased to announce that, with your generous donations and HOPE worldwide UK, HOPE Worldwide Ltd, construction of the centre is now near completion. The Center will help in sustainable development by adding value to the farmers cash crops and also to reduce the costs of loans. HOPE worldwide Nepal will manage the Factory and Community Centre on a “not for profit” basis while all funds generated will be used to maintain and develop the centre. In addition to processing fruit, making jam and pickles, the centre will also provide training classes for farm development, computer, and English classes.

This has been a truly international partnership between HOPE worldwide UK, HOPE worldwide Ltd and HOPE worldwide Canada in assisting HOPE worldwide Nepal with the assessment, development and funding of the construction of the Chhaimale Village Center.

Thank you to Canada

We are grateful for all the donations received from the Canadian International Churches of Christ and their members across Canada. They responded with massive outpouring of donations to HOPE worldwide Canada to assist the people of Nepal. With your help, the Chhaimale Centre is planned to be completed and opened in June 2018.

We hope you are encouraged by the following quotes from around the world about our support and partnership:

“I want to take the time to sincerely thank you all the brothers and sisters, Canadian Churches for your donation to Nepal. Thanks again for your outstanding support and generosity. I appreciate you making the effort to come to our Village Project for the Earthquake relief. By the Grace of God, we had an amazing turnout and we managed to bring more in donations for this project. Your attendance and support have played an important role in our project. With your contribution, we’ll be able to help the earthquake affected villagers. We and the villagers are very happy and grateful to you. The villagers can now reap benefits in many ways through this project in the areas of education, training, support etc."

Anu Dangol, Program Coordinator, HOPE worldwide Nepal

“It is wonderful and pleases God whenever people in need receive special care and experience the compassion of Christ. The Chhaimale Center in Nepal will be such a blessing for many people for many years to come. The fact that the Chhaimale Center is the fruit of so much love and sacrifice as well as of the collaboration of brothers and sisters in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and Nepal makes this labor of love even more powerful. It has been a privilege and tremendous source of joy to me personally, to be part of this tremendous endeavor.”

Barbara Porter, Governance Officer, HOPE worldwide ltd.

" It has been very encouraging to work together with HOPE worldwide in Canada, Nepal and the US, combining resources and expertise to develop the Chhaimale Centre which will have a long-term impact in the local community. We have developed a very positive relationship with HOPE worldwide Canada. It has been great to work in partnership, learning from each other and working with Nepal towards a common goal. We look forwards to continuing to work together on this, and hopefully on future projects."

Wil Horwood, Chief Executive, HOPE worldwide – UK

"The earthquake in Nepal devastated the country and villages. Helping the people survive after the earthquake was influential as the supporters of HOPE worldwide participate globally and in Canada. Thank you for your compassion for the people of Nepal. What is more exciting for me is not only helping the people of Nepal survived the impact of earthquake, but to rebuild better. The initiative that HOPE worldwide Nepal is doing in rebuilding Chhaimale village is going to benefit the people in the long term. We all hope that the center of hope there will be bridging the poverty and disaster preparedness for the future as well. Once again, thank you for the generous supports!"

Charles Ham, Global Disaster Response Coordinator, HOPE worldwide

Thank you again for your love, generosity, partnership and support!


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