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Gearing Up for HOPE in Action 2022

We are excited as we gear up for our largest fundraiser of the year. Coming up June 18th is the second annual HOPE in Action, a fundraiser where we get active to support our local communities all across Canada. There will be an Amazing Race to create a youth center in Calgary, a 5K run to support the community in Halifax, and a Zumba session in Winnipeg to raise funds for the vulnerable population (among many other activities in our different chapters).

HOPE in Action is a way for you to literally show your hope, in ACTION, wherever you might be.

Sign up as an individual or bring your whole family as you enjoy time getting active at your local parks, hiking trails, neighbourhoods or even your own home. All knowing that your activity that day is "Bringing hope. Changing lives.™”

Sign up now with your local chapter and mark your calendar!

We hope to see you there!


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